The Reborn Military of Elite Soldiers (RMES) is a gaming clan and community that was originally founded on Mech Crusaders ( in 2004 and migrated to Steam in 2007. Zyrphon created RMES in hopes of creating a fun, vibrant and supportive community for its members. We were mainly active on Team Fortress 2 for several years and have also had some success on Counter-Strike: Source and Day of Defeat: Source.

Hiatus (formerly)

We are officially breaking out of hiatus after almost 15 years on Steam. We had to pause things here or there thanks to me (Zyrphon) needing to focus on raising my two children. We have run servers on and off in the meantime, but it is time we get back to our roots. Rebuilding this community will be very difficult, but I hope that I can depend on friends old and new to get us back in tip-top shape!