24/7 2fort Party!

Welcome to 24/7 2fort Party!
This server is a throwback to one of our favorite servers from the past. I hope you enjoy!
Also hiring Game Server Moderators. See our Discord Server about the opportunity!
Reserved slots are available for purchase from our Discord Server as well!

Roll the Dice is broken as of 04/18/2024. Awaiting updates to TF2Attributes.
Building Hats causes crashes as of 04/18/2024. Unaware of a fix.

Server Rules

In order to protect our visitors, we have set some ground rules.
No hacking
No cheating
No racism
No sexism
No mic spam
Be nice
Don’t be an asshat


+ Roll The Dice
– Default: 50% chance for positive effects
– Donors: 75% chance for positive effects
+ Low Gravity
+ Building Hats


/nominate – Nominate a map for RTV.
/rtv – Vote to change the map.
/rtd – Roll the dice for a random effect.
/buildinghats – Would you like your buildables without or with hats?
/rerollhat – Rerolls the hats of your current active buildings.
/votegag – Vote to gag a player.
/votemute – Vote to mute a player.
/votesilence – Vote to silence a player.